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On this website you can learn various of tricks and tips which will save your working time using Tekla Structures BIM Software. You can also find some of applications usefull in civil engineer work. Hi, I am Dawid Dyrcz – civil engineer and programer and this is my website

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On this page you can see all my posts about my tekla structures plugins and other applications avaiable to download. Most os this software is free to download and free to use. This specific programs are designed to extend fuctionality of the popular BIM software  – Tekla Structures. Many engineers around the world use this program to design steel and concrete structures. This software allow to develop programs which can extend its funcionality.

Extensions are usually in form of normal windows programs, macros or parametrised components. Windows applications can connect directly to the Tekla Structures and can easily read the model content. They can also make changes in model by creating or modify objects, generate or modify drawings, open or close internal windows etc. For example the Filtering Tool is a program of that type. With Filtering Tool you can make changes in active filters, very fast just by klicking on the list of phases. The second popular type of programs is a macro. Macro can be executed directly from Tekla Structures and behaves like command. The result of macro is immediate action, for example cutting a part. The third type is parametrised component for example connections, details and parts.  The result of using parametrizec componets is a parametrized model. This type of extensions are most difficult to develop but they are saving a lot of time. Users can create its own connections using c# and libraries called Tekla Open API.

Here is the list of my Tekla Structures Plugins which I published on Tekla Warehouse. You can download and use it.

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