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DDBIM License Manager

What is the DDBIM License Manager program for?

DDBIM License Manager is a program that provides network licenses for the DDBIM application (https://ddbim.pl/) in the local network and via VPN. This is similar to the license servers of many other companies offering software for civil engineers (so-called floating licenses). In this solution, any DDBIM program can be installed on many workstations at the same time, but it can only be run as many times as there are license keys at a time. For example, if a company has purchased two license keys, the program can be run twice, on two different workstations, which allows two people to work, even though the program is installed on more computers. After finishing work, other people can immediately start the program in other positions and smoothly go to work. This licensing system is very convenient because you don’t have to rewrite (and reactivate) license keys to transfer licenses from one computer to another. DDBIM License Manager stores license keys on one computer and automatically makes them available to other computer programs running on other computers. DDBIM programs connect to the License Manager and reserve the license for the duration of the work with them and release these licenses immediately after closing them.

Only network license keys can be used in DDBIM License Manager. To obtain such a license key, you need to make an appropriate purchase on the website https://ddbim.pl/shop/. If you have a regular, non-network license key and you would like to upgrade it to the network, please contact the developer: support@ddbim.pl

This program is free to use. You need admin rights to install this program. 

User manual:

Here you can download user manual:



Manualls are also avaiable after instalation. Click “Help” tab and then click “Show user manual” button


You can download program from the link bellow:


This program is free to use. You need admin rights to install this program. 

Do you want network license key to test this program?

Sure, no problem. Write to me support@ddbim.pl. I can send to you network keys to test my programs like ExcelBOMComparer.


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