Filtering Tool is an application to fast filtering model views and making selection filters based on model phases.

Main features of Filtering Tool:

– Filtering views – filters are based on model phases

– Switching selection filters

– Turning on and turning off bolts, lines, welds, points, components, reference models etc.

– Adding new phases, renaming existing, setting current phases

– Moving parts from one phase to another

– Importing and exporting model phases

– You can confirm redraw or selection filter by clicking right mouse button on the list you changed.

– Program is version independent but it has to be run from shortcut in menu start (You can copy that shortcut to desktop or taskbar)

Here is some gifs:


Base help is avaiable in application: Menu > Help

Basic tutotial is avaiable on Youtube. Link to playlist contains 10 movies:


MIT (Free and open-source)

Source codes: