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On this website, you can learn various tricks and tips that will save you time when using Tekla Structures BIM Software. You can also find some applications useful in civil engineering work. Hi, I am Dawid Dyrcz, a civil engineer and programmer, and this is my website!

I met the situation when i had model created in newer version of Tekla Structures than it should be. For very simple models, without connection and details there is a way to export it to the older Tekla Structures version.

In this atricle I show you two solutions:

1. Export and import ASCII

Export ASCII – This option exports model to the text file named model.asc in model folder. You can open this file using notepad. After export you have to copy this file to another model folder and rename it to import.asc. Then you can use option: Import ASCII. The new parts will appear in model.

See video bellow:


How to export model using ASCII?

  1. Select all parts which you want to export
  2. Click File > Export > Ascii
  3. Open model folder and find file model.asc
  4. Close Tekla Structures
  5. Copy file model.asc to another model folder
  6. Rename file model.asc to import.asc
  7. Open Tekla Structures and load another model where the import.asc file is
  8. Click File > Import > ASCII


2. Export and import using IFC

You can export model from new Tekla Structures program to IFC model and then add this model as reference model to old Tekla Structures. Some ifc files can be converted to native tekla beams and plates.

See the video bellow:


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3 years ago

Fantastic trick ,Thanks a ton David.

Last edited 3 years ago by Shivani
Suren Chauhan
Suren Chauhan
1 year ago

Sir David : Do you have grid cloning, please ? it’s good for high rise buildings.