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How to customize view labels on multidrawing? This is another option which is hidden and every user has problem with that.

How to customize view labels on multidrawing?

The external frames which contains part views are called Container Views. Container views have not dialog properties so you cannot change its labes directly.

When you click “Properties” on contextual menu nothing happend.


Default labels on multi drawing are small and ugly. I always wanted to change it but how?

There is a trick:  You can use view properties dialog window to set labels on the container views.

1. Click on the internal view with right mouse button and open properties dialog.
2. Uncheck all properties from dialog by clicking Check / Uncheck all button on the bottom of the dialog window.
3. Go to the “Label” tab.
4. Create A1 label: Add <<View Name>> properties, set font type, size and colour.
5. Click “Apply” and “OK” button.
6. Set other label options like: Line colour, label position, symbol.
7. With left mouse button select container view – the external blue frame.
8. Click “Modify” on the view properties dialog box.

Bellow is the gif with all steps above.

Of course you can select multiple container views and their labels with one click.

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